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From Instagram to your Phorest financials, we have a playbook for every one of your salon's needs.
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Upcoming Webinars

Unlocking Leadership Confidence with Sonia Magnier

Discover how Sonia Magnier elevates leadership confidence, inspires salon teams, and promotes workplace wellbeing for long-term business and individual success through communication and conflict resolution.

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Revenue Calculator

Take this revenue health check to calculate the potential revenue boost for your salon, spa or clinic by using the revenue driving tools in Phorest to reach your full potential.

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Integrated Terminal Savings Calculator

Want to find out how much time and money you could save by using an integrated payment terminal in your salon, spa or clinic? Use our handy calculator tool!

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Salon & Spa Performance Benchmarks

Use our salon and spa staff performance benchmark tool to find average KPI metrics in your country.

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Salon Marketing Calendar Template

Our free Marketing Calendar template gives you marketing tips, business building ideas and campaign plans for every month of the year.

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Check Your Salon’s Online Health Score

Take this short survey to find out what your salon's Online Health Score is and get an individual report on how you can set your salon up for success.

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On-Demand Webinars and Videos

Think Tank: Thought Leadership Talks on Social Media

Maintaining a social media presence is no longer just a nice idea. It’s essential. A perfect mix of educational and inspirational talks, this session features 3 industry experts on social media-related ideas with big impact.

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Wellbeing Within the Salon Business: It Starts With You

Despite the wealth of productivity tools available today, time management and prioritisation often remain a struggle. When it comes to wellness, the key is finding what works for us in our personal and professional lives and approaching that process honestly and intentionally. Join this hourlong webinar to gain greater awareness of your needs and build an action plan that inspires clarity, focus and joy in your day-to-day!

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Grow Your Salon With Content Marketing (Without Burning Out)

Are you making the most of digital marketing to grow your business? Great content means more likes, more shares, more attention, more eyes on your work. Learn the basics of content marketing for salons (and how to avoid burn out) with this hourlong webinar.

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Let’s Talk Goals: Why They Often Fail & How to Fix It

Providing clear direction for your staff’s efforts is vital to keeping them motivated. Staff are more likely to be engaged when they know where they stand, and what they are working towards. Learn the ins and outs of successful goal setting in this hourlong webinar.

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How To Win In Business: The Key Numbers For Salon Success

Identify the key numbers behind every salon or spa's success, learn quick ways to keep control of them and get tips to help you take action if said numbers start heading the wrong way.

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Unleash Peak Performance: Your 5-Step Leadership Blueprint

From targets to individual development plans, watch this hourlong session designed to help you discover various tactics that will keep your team engaged throughout 2021.

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Using AI To Simplify the Running of Your Salon: Guidebook

How can you use AI to help you run your salon - from marketing, to reports, client communication and staying ahead of the competition? Find tips, case studies and prompt examples here!

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The Salon Owners Guide to SMS Marketing

Learn how to reach clients, boost revenue & grow your business with SMS marketing.

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Social Media Guidebook for Salons and Spas

Learn from top salons turning curious followers into loyal clients, with real examples and actionable tips to make big wins today!

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Client Retention Guidebook for Salons and Spas

What's a good client retention rate? How can you measure it? And most importantly, how can you improve it? We answer all these questions and more.

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Phorest Strategic Growth Guidebook

In this ebook, we’ve woven together research and expert insight to give you the inspiration and action points to build your dream client base and increase revenue.

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Phorest’s Industry Trends Guidebook 2023

From inflation to gender-neutral pricing, in this ebook, we cover the shifts in culture, tech and customer trends that today’s forward-thinking business owner needs to know.

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Making the Most of Your Online Store ebook

Maximise your Online Store retail revenue with the practical steps in this free ebook from Phorest.

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The Salon Owner’s First Steps To Online Reputation

The ABCs of navigating through your online reputation. Take control of how people treat, react, and review your salon business online.

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The Salon Owner’s Email Marketing Gameplan

One of the most effective ways to drive clients back through your doors, that is, once you have your plan in place!

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The Salon Success Retail Playbook

From interviews to display tips and social media advice, get the confidence you need to truly embrace the opportunity that is retail.

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The Phorest Growth Fund

The Phorest Growth Fund is our commitment to helping salons all over the world reach their growth potential by providing a financial boost to their growth plans.

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Salon Lockdown Downloads

Need help putting your strategy into place? These resources are available for any salon owners looking to look after their wellbeing, their clients and their income during additional lockdowns.

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Back in Business

Your salon reopening toolkit is here. From email templates to Covid-specific safety features, we’re helping you get ready for your Safe, Strong and Successful reopening, one step at a time.

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The Phorest Content Round-Up 2019

Get the best of our 2019 management, business growth, retail and finance tips and advice.

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