Managing teams, targets and training with Phorest

Beauty Secrets has developed a team of 'unicorns' with Phorest

Learn how Beauty Secrets has used the staff management tools in Phorest to develop a team of ‘unicorns’ – where everyone is focused on consistently achieving their targets.


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welcome-quote Everybody here loves Phorest. The app that the girls can download onto their phones gives them updates about how they are doing against their targets on a real time basis, all day long. It's really something that helps you manage and motivate your team."
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  • With Phorest, Beauty Secrets achieved:

    A team empowered to reach their targets

    Streamlined team management across 5 locations

    A simple onboarding process for new staff

    Developing an employer brand

    One of the greatest challenges facing the hair and beauty industry each year is the struggle to find and retain great staff – something that is only becoming more challenging with the rise of self-employed professionals looking for booth/chair rental.


    In order to outweigh the benefits of self-employment for salon professionals, salon businesses need to develop their ’employer branding’ – showing they can offer professionals career growth and satisfaction for the long term. This is something Beauty Secrets – with 5 locations in the UK – has been working towards for many years. Owner Karen Thompson commented: “What makes us different in the industry? I think we offer people a career, not just a job. We look to develop people to reach their full potential.”


    In a software partner, Beauty Secrets were looking for two things:

    1. Tools that would help motivate their team to grow, to push themselves, and to feel a sense of empowerment and career satisfaction
    2. With 5 busy locations, they needed management tools that would allow them to monitor team performance, manage team schedules, and offer an easy way to train new team members as the company grows.

    Creating a goal-focused team

    Owner Karen and her salon manager, Peter, use the goal-setting and ‘My Performance’ tools in Phorest to agree KPIs with their teams, and enable them to track their own progress using the PhorestGo staff app.


    “Having PhorestGo and performance on my therapist’s apps helps them have ownership of their goals,” Peter said. “We agree goals, targets – setting targets for rebooking percentage, financial goals, targets for selling at-home and aftercare. And they can load that onto their PhorestGo app.”


    “The app gives them updates about how they are doing against their targets on a real time basis, all day long. They can all become ‘unicorns'”, Karen laughs. “Once people have hit their targets, they love to be known as the unicorn in the team. And Phorest will actually deliver a message congratulating people once they hit target. So it’s really something that helps you manage and motivate your team.”


    Day-to-day team management across locations

    As well as motivating the team, the tools in Phorest help Karen and Peter to streamline the management of over 40 employees across their 5 locations.


    Multi-location staff scheduling

    Karen said: “It also helps with looking at rotas. I can see who’s in the branch, whether we need to amend rotas, if we got enough staff in one day. All of that can be done through the Phorest portal, both on a desktop and on my telephone when I’m out and about.”


    Team training as the business grows

    Peter said the team finds the experience of learning Phorest’s system is very smooth and straightforward. “We have an online portal called Phorest Academy, and you can select your various job role within the business, and it gives you a set learning path depending on your role within the company. So I can go on to Phorest Academy and learn everything I need to know about Phorest as a manager, and I can set my therapists a learning path to learn everything they need to know and use the system as a therapist within our business.”


    Ease of use

    One of the reservations many salons have about introducing new software is how their team will experience the change. But Peter commented on the intuitive nature of the Phorest interface. “Everything is foolproof. The user interface is very simple, and it knows everything one step ahead.”


    The right tools to grow your business

    Karen concluded by highlighting how having the right staff management tools can have a direct impact on your bottom line.


    “Phorest really cuts across both managing your team on a day-to-day basis… but also for the team, it’s a really good motivating tool because it lets them know how they’re doing against their targets.


    But really for me, it’s the information that I can get from the system that delivers the knowledge of what we need to do to increase the business even more. Whether that is information about particular members of the team and how well they’re doing and what their development needs might be, or more generally across the salon as well.”


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