Phorest Marketing Suite Driving Results for this Beauty Salon

Beauty Secrets Achieves Astonishing ROI with Phorest Marketing Tools

Learn how Beauty Secrets drives real growth across their 5 UK salons, using the tools in Phorest to run marketing campaigns that bring clear results, including 1,647% ROI from their SMS rebooking reminders.


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welcome-quote Phorest lets us see what works and what doesn't work. So we do more of what works, and less of what doesn't, and therefore the business increases."
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  • With Phorest, Beauty Secrets has achieved:

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    1,647% ROI

    From sending automated rebooking reminders


    Less than 2% no-shows with appointment reminder SMS

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    Revenue from SMS marketing campaigns last year – a 4,580% ROI

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    350 New Google Reviews

    In just one year – 97% were 5 star!

    Searching for a software partner to grow with

    Beauty Secrets is an award-winning group of salons and spas, with 5 locations across the south of England. Started almost 40 years ago as a one-room, out-of-home salon, Karen Thompson took over the reigns from her mother and grew the business to a booming, multi-location business.


    When switching to Phorest, Karen was looking for a software partner that could grow with her, and that had the marketing tools to help her achieve her ambitious goals for growth.


    “Phorest has really helped us to grow as a business – it has an amazing marketing suite, which is [one of the] reasons why I moved to Phorest in the first place,” she said.


    Marketing ROI you can track

    When we spoke to Karen, she highlighted some of the Phorest marketing tools that have had the greatest impact on her business, as well as how important it is to her to be able to track the impact of every marketing penny spent.


    Integrated marketing means accurate and detailed reporting

    “Phorest enables us to plan, deliver, and then see how well our various marketing strategies and programs have been received by clients. You can literally devise design, send out an email directly from your Phorest system and know by looking at how well that program has has gone in terms of how many people have taken up the offer, how much revenue that particular offer has brought in for you. And for us, that’s great as a planning tool. It means that we can see what works and what doesn’t work. So we do more of what works, and less of what doesn’t, and therefore the business increases.”


    Beauty Secrets generated £38,000 in revenue across their 4 locations from SMS marketing campaigns alone last year. That was a 4,580% return on their investment into SMS costs.


    Tackle no-shows with SMS reminders

    “You are able to send out messages via SMS or email and I know that we send thousands of SMSs to our clients every year. And these, in predominantly the day before clients come for their appointment, is to remind them about their appointment.

    Once we started that, our no-show rate, for client appointments, is down to about two percent, which is a really low figure compared to before we started, reminding people on a regular basis, of their appointments.”


    Beauty Secrets has reduced their no-show rate to below 2% using appointment reminder SMS.


    Re-engage lapsed clients with Reconnect SMS

    “The other thing that Phorest enables you to do is if a client has been regularly coming to the salon and they suddenly stop, for whatever reason, there is a reconnect function, which is amazing because Phorest learns how regularly your clients should be coming to the salon, and it draws a list up of clients who we haven’t seen in that regular pattern of their normal attendance to the salon, and it will message them. So literally at the press of a button, we can get in contact with clients who should have been to the salon for treatments, but who haven’t for some time. And we find a lot of people reconnect with the salons that way. That increases our business a lot.”


    Beauty Secrets had a 1,647% return on investment from sending automated rebooking reminders last year.


    Reviews increase referral business

    “Reviews for us are key. A lot of our business, comes from personal recommendation. And these days, the first thing people do before they go to a new business, is they look online for their reviews, and information about them. Phorest is amazing in that it takes away the hassle of trying to collect to those reviews. So once a client has visited, they will get sent a really nice message following their treatment, asking them to review their experience with us. We find that a lot of clients take the opportunity to do that. For me, that’s amazing. The teams love to see and read their reviews. It’s just all around a really motivating experience.”


    Beauty Secrets received over Google 350 reviews across their 4 locations last year. 97% of these were 5 star


    More than software – a growth partner

    On a concluding note, Karen discussed how Phorest has been more to her than just software for her – the team at Phorest have been there for her as a growth partner for her business.


    “What gives me comfort is that I know that Phorest can grow with me. You can utilise Phorest to really help grow your business. You know that from the outset, you’re going to have a tool that enables you to basically see how your business is growing, to help it to actually grow your business and to give you the information that you need. So for us, I’m really happy that yes, we may develop into other areas as a business, but I’m sure that the one thing that I do know is that Phorest will be at my side.”


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