Using Phorest for Client Communication

Supercharging the Client Experience Using Phorest

Based in Brooklyn and spanning across 5 locations, [salon]718 prides itself on being a salon that offers top-class customer service. Watch how they achieve this by using Phorest’s automated messaging tools, marketing suite, and online review management features.


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welcome-quote What I would say to other businesses considering Phorest is; go for it. There are so many features that help make it really easy to run your salon while still keeping track of everything and staying organized. "
  • Anechka Spaddy, Salon Manager

    salon[718], New York USA

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  • In just one year, [salon]718 Has Achieved

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    extra revenue generated from sending automated rebooking reminder SMS


    no-show rate; 80% lower than the average in their area.

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    119 New Online Reviews

    91% of which were five-star

    Using Phorest to Communicate Effectively

    In any successful hair salon, offering a five-star service is paramount. This dedication to high-quality customer service is something that the team at [salon]718 are passionate about, and they use Phorest to achieve this. “We use it [Phorest] to keep in touch with our clients, especially with the SMS features,” explains Anechka, the salon manager. “A lot of people have their phones on them all the time. So a text message is really the quickest and the easiest way that we’ve been able to reach our clients, and they love that feature as well. Phorest helps us stay in touch with our clients regularly by giving us that SMS feature, that two-way SMS feature*, where, the stylists and myself can send a text message to the client directly, and they can reply to us directly.”


    “That’s been really helpful for us as well. Anytime that we have to text a client to let them know if we are running ahead of time, if we have space, or if we’re running a little bit behind time, it’s really easy to get touch with them.”


    Marlene Nunez, a Level 2 Stylist at the salon, also spoke on how this feature has been helpful in her day; “If there’s something that I don’t have time for, I’m able to move that appointment to the other stylists, and that’s how I’m able to collaborate with my team members. It’s really helped us out. It’s great that we can see who sent that last text message so we know who can follow-up with that guest as well.”


    *USA-only feature currently

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    Reconnecting with Overdue Clients

    As well as helping the team stay in contact with existing clients, [salon]718 use Phorest to reconnect with overdue or lapsing visitors. For this they use Client Reconnect, an advanced tool that identifies clients who haven’t booked in their usual timeframe and offers the salon the option to reconnect via an automated SMS. “It also helps us stay in touch with our clients by sending out those Reconnect messages, to make sure that if we haven’t seen anybody in a little while to let them know that we’re thinking about them and that we have space for them still,” says Anechka.


    In just one year, [salon]718 brought in over $70,000 from sending free “Reconnect” and automated reminder SMS messages


    Client Reconnect Automated Rebooking - new brand feature

    Phorest Touches Every Point of the Salon Experience

    In a business as busy as [salon]718, the professionals working there need time to focus on what they do best; delighting their clients. Phorest streamlines the running of salons, giving the professionals working there more time in their day to spend on the salon floor. Stylist Marlene explains; “Being able to do everything from your phone, like, I wake up and the first thing I do is, I pull up Phorest, and I’m like; let me see what I have for the day. Because sometimes, they’ll [clients] book something, but I know my clients, so I’m like, automatically, ‘I’m going to add the treatments that they need because they’ve seen me in the past for treatments.’ So I am always on it, from the moment wake up, I’m like, let me just double-check Phorest and make sure everything’s good.”


    This dedication to the client experience has paid off, too;

    [salon]718 has a no-show rate of only 4%. That’s 80% lower than average. 

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    A Five-Star Service Garnering Five-Star Reviews

    When it comes to advertising, ensuring your online reputation reflects the five-star service your salon provides is vital. [salon]718 uses Phorest to help gather, reply to, and publish reviews. “The role that online reviews play for us is a pretty big role,” explains Anechka. “Phorest helps us by integrating our online reputation, so we’re able to see all of our reviews, for so many different platforms, all in one place, too. We can use Google, Facebook, and Phorest. We can see all of those reviews in one place. It helps us stay really organised, and it helps us keep on top of everything, so we know we’re not missing anything.”


    Using Phorest’s Online Reputation Feature, [salon]718 had 119 new Google reviews in one year, with 91% of those being 5-star.


    “If I couldn’t use Phorest anymore, I would miss everything about it,” concludes Anechka. “Without it, I just wouldn’t know what to do. So I definitely need it, and I don’t want to see myself without it.”


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