Using Phorest to Manage Inventory

[salon]718 Uses Phorest for Quicker, Easier Inventory Mangement

With 5 salon locations across Brooklyn, New York, [salon]718 uses Phorest’s range of straightforward inventory management tools to stay on top of product orders, stock counts, and inventory forecasting with ease.


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welcome-quote If I couldn't use Phorest anymore, the feature that I would miss the most is the stocktake feature on PhorestGo. It's been really easy for me to do an inventory count straight from my phone, and I've never used a salon software that has allowed me to do that before. It's been great."
  • Anechka Spaddy, Salon Manager

    salon[718], New York USA

Simple Software is Everything in a Bustling Salon Environment

With 5 locations in Brooklyn, New York, when salon[718] decided to switch salon software systems, simplicity was top of their priority list. “We really wanted something that was going to be easy for our team to learn, that we could manage inventory with. and [that could] also keep track of our numbers and our goals,” explains Anechka, the salon’s Manager. “And Phorest had all of that in one system.”


As well as a system that was easy to use, Anechka wanted a cloud-based salon software that allowed her to access all five locations at once; “being able to use it across multiple systems, and on a mobile phone, across multiple locations, was really great for us. Phorest has definitely helped solve our issue with inventory and being able to do a stock take easily.”

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Using the PhorestGo App

PhorestGo is the Phorest system in app form, available to download on any iPhone, Android, or smart device. With such a large team to manage, and so many products to keep track of, PhorestGo has been a vital tool in the management and running of [salon]718, helping the team streamline inventory, access reports, and forecast future orders. “It’s been great to be able to scan the stock that we have straight from PhorestGo, send that to the computer, and reconcile all of our numbers. It’s so easy to just go through each location and look at each day at a glance. I also look at what our goals are for the day. I look at what we’re forecast it to sell,” explains Anechka.

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Quicker and Easier Inventory Counts 

Understanding the products in your inventory is key for a smooth-running salon, which is why Phorest’s “scan and go” stocktaking feature is so helpful. Marlene, one of [salon]718’s stylists, explains; “One of my favorite Phorest features would probably be the stock take feature… because it shows us how we’re doing. Being able to see [when we’re low on stock] so that way we know what to order without having to go to the back bar and see what we actually need is so helpful because it saves you so much time. Doing inventory from your phone is such a great tool to have.”


Anechka concludes; “What I would say that other businesses considering Phorest is; go for it. There are so many features that help make it really easy to run your salon while still keeping track of everything and staying organized as well. And it’s also really easy to train your staff in how to use the programme, too, no matter which position or which role they have in the salon.”

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