Using salon software insights to plan entry into new locations

Sisu Uses Phorest to Power Rapid Expansion

Opening new salon or clinic locations requires meticulous planning and quick decision-making. Watch how Sisu uses Phorest insights to plan and manage new locations while leaning on our supportive team of experts as their growth partner.


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welcome-quote I always say to build a very tall building, you have to have very deep foundations. Phorest, for us, is a big foundational tool. As we're navigating new territories, new obstacles, having a company like Phorest there, that assisted us, that helped us, that guided us in certain situations... that was invaluable.
  • Dr. Brian Cotter, Co-Founder & Global Medical Director

    Sisu Aesthetic Clinic - Ireland | UK | USA

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  • Phorest helps Sisu streamline new clinic launches, with:

    New clinics ready to operate on Phorest with 48 hours notice

    Accurate capacity planning in the opening weeks of new clinics

    Overcoming complications with the help of a professional software partner

    Sisu Clinics is a chain of a wildly successful, doctor-led aesthetic clinics. After opening their first location in Ireland in 2018, in just a few short years Sisu now has more than 20 locations across Ireland, the UK and USA. Opening a new salon or clinic location requires meticulous planning while maintaining the ability to make quick decisions and address new obstacles. With so many things to think about in terms of location, staffing, bookings, and planning capacity, setting up the system to run the clinic shouldn’t be another worry.


    Pat Phelan, CEO & Co-Founder of Sisu said it best: “Software that you don’t see is the most important thing to any of us. Our business has enough complications because we have to open a physical premises. The software should be invisible… and Phorest is.”


    At the same time, what is important to his Co-Founder, Dr. Brian Cotter, is the ability to accurately plan capacity, rather than looking retrospectively at the numbers and finding they have over- or under-staffed a new location.


    Sisu needed a software partner that could reduce the complication of opening new clinics and assist them in accurately planning capacity as they rolled out their ambitious growth plans.


    Insights and Support to Power Growth

    Sisu were able to rely on Phorest’s world-class team to set up new locations on Phorest, even with tight turnaround times.


    Pat commented: “What’s probably the most important, I think, [is that] we found a partner that can scale with us. The ability for us to add a new clinic is now so streamlined. We’re opening in Brooklyn in a couple of weeks. All I do is; I email Lauren, who’s in Phorest USA, ‘Hey, Lauren. I’ve just signed up for a new license. Can you copy everything?’ Within forty-eight hours, I have a new clinic ready to operate on Phorest, and it’s all on the drop-down menu.”


    Dr. Brian Cotter agreed, saying “Our plans for the future at Sisu are highly ambitious. Where Phorest sits into this process is, as we grow out, and we are going to open up hundreds of clinics, it sits in the back end, and it allows us to understand that there are certain things we don’t worry about because we know that Phorest is there and it’s taking care of it. We have access to things, and we understand what’s happening.”


    Phorest also enabled Dr. Cotter to more accurately plan the opening weeks and months at their new locations. He commented: “Often in business, you look at things retrospectively… So I think where Phorest became extremely useful is that we could plan for success. We could actually look at the next month. When we open a clinic, we’re able to map out how the booking flow is looking over the first week, first two weeks, even down to scheduling of doctors, front-of-house, you know, if we’re, for example, even going to do like a double list of injectors. And that ability to look at capacity and runway, [makes] Phorest extremely beneficial, because it allows you to look ahead.”


    A Growth Partner for Success

    “You know, I always say to build a very tall building, you have to have very deep foundations, and Phorest, for us, is a big foundational tool. Sisu is expanding rapidly. Phorest is integral to that process because now we have three countries, two continents, but one team. And Phorest sits in behind that team, and allows us to effectively move as one.


    As we’re navigating new territories [and] new obstacles, having a company like Phorest there that assisted us, that helped us, that guided us in certain situations, that was invaluable,” Dr. Cotter concluded.


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