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Togninis Use Phorest to Improve Client Experience & Communication

With two bustling hair salons in Brisbane QLD, Togninis were struggling to keep up with the admin required to give all their clients that 5-star experience. Watch how they use the tools in Phorest to streamline their client communication and experience, taking their no-show rate down to 2%.


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welcome-quote Phorest helps us with having next-to-no no-shows. At the moment, we run 2% no-shows within the salon, because of all the reminders that the clients get.
  • Kristian & Tracey Tognini, Owners

    Togninis, Brisbane Australia

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  • With Phorest, Togninis achieved:

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    No-show rate with appointment reminders

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    33 New

    5-star Google Reviews Using Phorest’s Online Reputation Tool

    Client Communication Admin was Becoming Too Much

    Togninis Hair is an exceptionally successful family-run salon with two locations in Brisbane QLD. Speaking to owners Kristian and Tracey Tognini, they explained some of the main issues they were facing that spurred them to look for a better solution to streamline the management of their salons.


    Before switching to Phorest, Togninis found that:

    • Client communication was lacking, which did not fit with their commitment to providing exceptional customer service
    • As a result, the salon experienced a high no-show rate, where clients were missing appointments and not calling in advance to reschedule
    • In-salon consultations were time-consuming
    • Time was being wasted with clients calling the salon to book appointments, or booking the wrong services for their needs
    • The team had no feedback from clients to help them address small issues before they became bigger problems

    Less Admin Creates An Improved Client Experience You Can Measure

    Digital Consultation Forms Streamline the Client Journey

    “Now the client experience happens before they come into the salon. The digital forms with Phorest allow any information that the client needs to relay to us in the salon that we need to know happen before they even come and step foot in the salon,” said Kristian.


    A Salon-Branded Booking App Allows Clients to Manage Their Own Bookings and Reduces Errors

    “The latest thing that we’ve put into application is the salon-branded app. A fantastic tool for clients, because they have control of their own appointments… You search for it on the app store, and it enables them to see who’s done their hair in the past, what they’ve had done, when they were last in, and it enables them to actually book from the app. So there are no more mistakes with online booking because they know exactly what they’re looking for,” said Tracey.


    SMS Reminders Obliterate No-Shows

    Tracey said: “I think the SMS confirmation is a wonderful feature for Phorest. People feel that they’re a little bit in control. People do everything on the diary of their phone these days, and that’s the first thing they ask whenever you make them an appointment is, ‘will you send me a reminder?’ ‘Yes, of course, we will’. And it comes at twofold, I think, like an email seven days out, and then the SMS confirmation to their phone a couple of days before their appointment.


    And then obviously the added benefit of that for the salon is our no-show rate is quite considerably lower than it had been in the past, because people have that constant reminder and you find people are much more inclined to give call if they have to cancel at the last minute.”


    Kristian agreed, adding:”Phorest helps us with having next-to-no no-shows. Sending reminders is a massive thing within the salon to stop no-shows, and [creates] repeat business. So we can send SMS reminders and we can send email reminders.


    “At the moment, we run 2% no-shows within the salon, because of all the reminders that the clients get.”


    Seamless Checkout Experience with PhorestPay

    Kristian explained their vision for the future of the salon experience, saying, “We want to change the face of how a salon experience happens. When we look at something like Uber and best practices around the world, you can have contactless transactions sitting in the chair, and Phorest is going to be able to help us achieve that within the salon [with PhorestPay].”


    Automated Rebooking SMS Captures Those Clients Missed at the Desk

    The front desk can get hectic on a busy day and there’s not always time to rebook clients at the time of checkout. Kristian explained how Phorest helps to seamlessly catch these clients and bring them back: “The rebooking SMS is huge for us in the salon. Anyone that’s been missed and didn’t rebook at the time of appointment gets a rebooking reminder from Phorest.


    “We’re running at a 10,000% return on investment from those rebooking SMSs!”


    Direct Client Feedback & 5-Star Reviews with Online Reputation Manager

    “So after the client’s been into the salon, especially new clients, are prompted to give us a review. And for us, we love that in the salon. One, to jump on to anything that was a really praising review to recommend, and help our team know that they’re doing such a great job. And if there was a problem, we can jump onto the problem straight away and fix it immediately before it becomes a bigger problem within the salon. And then if you do leave a five-star review, it does prompt you to leave a review on Google or Facebook for us. Phorest make this seamless by gating the reviews, so only the best make it online. This helps Togninis gain new clients through social proof that we’re doing a great job in here.”


    Togninis had 33 new Google reviews in 2022, and all of them were 5-star.


    Kristian concluded: “If you are considering Phorest out there, the biggest thing is the continuous innovation of the product suite. There’s always something that’s being updated, something that’s being tweaked to run your business even better.”


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