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[salon]718 Has Grown a Goal-Focused Team with Phorest

With 5 busy locations in Brooklyn NY, [salon]718 need every team member to be clear about and focused on their own goals and results to ensure success. Learn how they use the team management tools in Phorest to achieve a high-performance culture.


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welcome-quote I'm able to compare to my previous year or week or month. So I'm able to compete against myself by looking at my numbers. Being able to do that is honestly the best for me."
  • Marlene Nunez, Level 2 Stylist

    [salon[718], New York USA

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  • With Phorest's team management tools, [salon]718 has:

    Clear goal-focused team conversations

    Staff motivated to reach new personal bests

    A culture of ongoing self-improvement

    Finding Software That’s Right For the Whole Team

    When searching for new software, Anechka Spaddy, Manager at [salon]718, had the needs of her team first and foremost in her mind.


    “I think what really sets us apart is that we’re committed to education. We’re committed to growing our staff no matter what position you work in the salon. So the original factors back when we were searching for a new software, we really wanted something that was going to be easy for our team to learn. And also keep track of our numbers and our goals. And Phorest had all of that in one system. It was really great for us,” she said.

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    Building a High-Performance Mindset

    From a managers perspective

    The Staff Performance tool in Phorest has been pivotal for Anechka in enabling her to have clear, numbers-focused conversations with her team that allows them to uncover their strengths and areas for improvement.


    “The manager view helps me view anybody’s ‘big numbers’,” she said. “So it’s really easy to just sit down quickly for five minutes and say, ‘Hey, these are your numbers, this is what you’re doing great with. What can we do to improve? How can I help you with those other things that you might need to grow in more?'”


    And from the team-members’ perspective

    This focus on numbers and self-improvement has evidently trickled down to the team at the salon to create a culture of self-motivation with a growth mindset. Marlene Nunez, a level 2 stylist at [salon]718 commented:


    “The Phorest feature that I use the most would be the performance feature. I’m able to track my goals and see how I’m doing for the week, the month, or the year. And I’m also able to compare that to my previous year or week or month. So I’m able to compete against myself by looking at my numbers. So just being able to do that is honestly the best for me. And for everyone, that works here too.”

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    Easy to Grasp for All Types of Learners

    Switching software can be daunting for salon owners, as they’re not sure how their team will handle the disruption of a change in what they’re used to working with day-in and day-out. But for any owners or managers with this concern, Anechka is quick to allay their fears:


    Intuitive and easy to use

    “It’s really easy to train your staff in how to use the program, no matter which position or which role they have in the salon.

    I feel like if you’ve used any other salon software before, it’s really easy to start using Phorest as well. It’s very intuitive to be able to jump right in and know exactly what you’re looking at.”

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    Ongoing training

    “The Phorest Academy feature has been great as well. Our staff can have their own logins and train on their own time if they need to or if they need a refer back to a video as a refresher, they can do that. I use that as a tool even for myself sometimes.”


    Supporting visual learners

    Level 2 Stylist Marlene commented: “I love that it’s catering to visual learners. I’m a visual learner myself, so being able to practice, while watching the videos was great.”


    Anechka added that the Phorest software caters to those more visual team members within the appointments screen too –

    “We’ve been able to set up the same color-coding across all five locations so that everybody knows exactly, at a glance, what’s going on in their appointment book for the day. It’s super simplified, but not oversimplified in the way that it doesn’t have enough features. So it’s been really great to use for everybody.”

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