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Sisu Clinics Built a Strong Online Reputation with Phorest

Patient trust from the outset is essential in the hyper-medicalised aesthetics industry. Watch how Sisu Aesthetic Clinics uses Phorest’s Online Reputation Management tool to build a 5-star reputation that patients can see when researching online.


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welcome-quote I think the key winner to me with Phorest is the reviews, it's something that I see everyone else in the industry missing. It enables us to understand internal feedback before it goes external, and I'm then able to click a button, and the best reviews go public."
  • Pat Phelan, CEO & Co-Founder

    Sisu Aesthetic Clinic - Ireland | UK | USA

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  • With Phorest, Sisu Aesthetic Clinics achieved:

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    660 New 5-Star Reviews on Google

    In just one year

    Patient Trust is a Non-Negotiable in the Aesthetic Industry

    Sisu Clinics is a chain of a wildly successful, doctor-led aesthetic clinics. After opening their first location in Ireland in 2018, in just a few short years Sisu now has more than 20 locations across Ireland, the UK and USA. Dr. Brian Cotter, Co-Founder & Global Medical Director at Sisu Aesthetic Clinics believes that patient trust is paramount to the success of his business. He explains:


    “This market has exploded the quality aspect of what we provide, in terms of it being a hyper-medicalised model. So with the doctors and the injectors you’re meeting, the biggest thing a patient wants to see when they walk into the clinic is to understand the quality aspect of it. There’s a trust piece, which is highly, highly important.”


    This extends to the interactions a potential patient has with a salon or clinic before they even click on their website or make a booking. According to consumer research conducted by the Phorest research team, 78% of consumers look at online reviews to help them find a new salon or clinic, and 94% say that positive online reviews make them more likely to use a business’ services.


    Therefore it was important to Sisu that the salon software they chose enabled them to manage client feedback and online reviews as a standard practice across each patient’s journey through the clinic.


    Using Phorest’s Online Reputation Manager to Increase Reviews

    Pat Phelan, CEO & Co-Founder of Sisu Aesthetic Clinics explains why Phorest’s Online Reputation Management Tool has been, in his eyes, the most important tool within the system for his business.


    “I think the key winner to me with Phorest is the reviews. It’s something that I see everyone else in the industry missing. I’m able to understand, hey, I want to push an immediate review request when someone leaves the building. So one of our patients comes in, they have a treatment. It’s completely touchless. But what happens is when they leave the building, I’m able to ask them for a review.


    We’re obsessive about Phorest reviews because, what happens is, it sits in Phorest in a walled garden. And now I’m able to actually see [when] someone had a problem that they haven’t told the world about yet, but they’ve told Phorest, and Phorest has told us. So I can go immediately say ‘hey, we noticed you gave a three or four-star review, is there anything wrong?’, and they’ll say ‘Well, x happened, and I was…’, then we immediately fix that.


    I’m then able to push them for a Google review, and then I click a button, and it goes public. So what it does is it enables us as a business to actually understand almost internal feedback before it goes external.”


    Co-Founder Dr. Brian Cotter agrees: “That quality aspect of it is really important. It’s actually probably one of my favorite tools within Phorest too. It’s because a review is what somebody says about you when you’re not in the room. So that ability to make better best, that’s where I found Phorest was key. Ninety five percent of what we do is fantastic, exceptional. We always focus on those bits and pieces where we find we can improve.”


    The Online Reputation Management tool also helps Dr. Cotter to boost morale among the staff by sharing positive feedback throughout the business. “When somebody comes in and has a fantastic experience and writes about it, Phorest will literally instantaneously tell us about that, and then we disseminate that among staff. And it’s great, because everybody in Sisu wants to give a phenomenal experience to their patients, and Phorest, with the review process, actually allows us to verbalise that and allows us to share it with everyone.


    Building Trust with 660 Five-Star Reviews

    In addition to the benefits of allowing Sisu to address negative feedback internally, and disseminate positive reviews to boost staff morale, since using Phorest’s Online Reputation tool, the clinic has garnered 660 new Google reviews in the last year. That averages 33 per location, all of them being 5-star.


    Read more about how Sisu used Phorest to build trust via a seamless client experience.


    Dr. Cotter concluded: “Anyone that’s considering something like Phorest, the first thing is; do it. The benefits you’ll find with it are actually very hard to list because there are so many. And I think as your business grows and as Phorest is in the back end supporting it, you’ll understand that, as a tool, it’s invaluable.”


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