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Watch how [salon]718 uses the reports in Phorest to track the right metrics for their business, and uses the marketing tools and the advice from their Phorest Salon Success Manager to grow those numbers each month.


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welcome-quote Phorest has helped salon[718] bring in more revenue with the marketing features, and the 'Reconnect' tool has been phenomenal for us."
  • Anechka Spaddy, Salon Manager

    [salon[718], New York USA

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  • Using Phorest, in just one year [salon]718 achieved:

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    extra revenue generated from sending automated rebooking reminder SMS

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    119 New Online Reviews

    91% of which were five-star

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    revenue earned from sending free SMS marketing campaigns

    ‘What Gets Measured Gets Managed’

    With a collection of five salons across Brooklyn NY, [salon]718 has ambitious plans to grow the profitability of each of their locations. And as the saying goes – ‘what gets measured gets managed’ – they needed software that allowed them to easily track the most important metrics for their salons, in order to focus the team on their goals and build a strategy to grow.


    Anechka Spaddy, Manager of [salon]718, commented: “I have PhorestGo in my hand all the time, from the beginning of the day to the end of the day. The first thing that I usually do is; I check the appointment books at all the locations. It’s so easy to just go through each location and look at each day at a glance. I also look at what our goals are for the day. I look at what we’re forecasted to sell. I use the ‘value of future appointments’ report and use that to set the goal for us for the day.”

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    Marketing Tools That Boost Revenue

    With the right goals being tracked, Anechka uses the marketing suite in Phorest to grow those numbers each month. “I use the marketing feature a lot,” says Anechka. “Phorest has helped [salon]718 bring in more revenue with the marketing features.”


    Speaking on some of her favourite marketing tools, she explains how they help her manage the marketing across all five locations at once, and the results they have brought to the salon:

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    ‘Client Reconnect’ Rebooking Reminders

    “The reconnect tool has been phenomenal for us to reconnect with our guests and to send out SMS promotions.”


    Using Phorest’s Client Reconnect SMS feature to target overdue clients, [salon]718 generated an additional $70,000 in one year.


    Multi-Location SMS Marketing Suite

    “It’s been really easy for us to set up special offers. We usually do that once a month. We set up a new special offer and feature a service or a product every month, and it’s been really easy to set that up to be able to use that across all five locations by just setting it up once, and we don’t have to do it five times for every single location, it’s so easy.”


    By sending SMS marketing campaigns to existing clients, [salon]718 generated $300,000 in one year.

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    Online Reviews Build a 5-star Reputation

    In an industry that relies increasingly on online reputation, sharing five-star reviews is an important part of any salon manager’s marketing strategy. Phorest’s Online Reputation tools allow salon[718] to view, reply to, and publish online reviews from one easy-to-use section in the software. “The role that online reviews play for us is a pretty big one.” explains Anechka. “Phorest helps us by integrating our online reputation, so we’re able to see all of our reviews, for so many different platforms, all in one place. We can use Google, Facebook, and Phorest. We can see all of those reviews in one place, so it helps us stay really organised, and it helps us keep on top of everything. We know we’re not missing anything.”


    Using Phorest’s Online Reputation feature, [salon]718 accumulated 119 New Online Reviews last year. 91% of these reviews were five-star.



    A Supportive Team To Advise on Growth Strategies

    On top of the features in the Phorest software that the [salon]718 team use to run the business, one of the stand-out benefits of Phorest for them has been the supportive, human team behind Phorest.


    “Phorest has contributed to [salon]718’s growth by always giving us support. That personalised support has been really great for us. [Phorest has] also shown us past experience with other salon salons, and we can relate it to what we are doing here or what we were trying to achieve. That really helped… to see how you’ve helped other salons and how we can apply that to our own growth.”


    Anechka ends with some words of wisdom, saying; “What I would say to other businesses considering Phorest is go for it. There are so many features that help make it really easy to run your salon while still keeping track of everything and staying organised as well.”

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